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Buy Wet Wipes Online in India – Freshca

We all want to look our best but running around all day in different climate and time zones often results in excessive perspiration & insanitary skin. Using our wet wipe can help you curb those sticky sweats and dirt buildups.

You can simply use our wet wipes i.e face wipes or moist towelettes as they are more commonly known as, and look presentable wherever you set foot. Our handy pocket wet wipes are great to combat excessive sweating & are the best alternatives to handkerchiefs, paper napkins & tissue papers. Keep a pack of our wet tissue paper in your bag, car or in your office desk & use them for instant freshness. While travelling, you can delve into your bag for one of these wet cleaning wipes & use them as face cleansing wipes or hand sanitizer wipes to quickly freshen up. At work or anywhere on the go when your face or skin feels oily or sweaty, you can simply use them as face cleansing wipes to get rid of sweat & oil off your face.

Wet Wipes Categories:

  • Facial Cleansing Wipes: Just wipe off your face with one of these refreshing face cleansing wipes at regular interval during a hot summer day to keep your face refreshed, hydrated and moisturised rightly. These gentle cleansing wipes for face helps mildly yet effectively remove traces of impurities and tiredness from your face whenever and wherever needed.
  • Hand Sanitizer Wipes: These refreshing hand wipes leaves your hands feeling refreshed & non-sticky. They are great while travelling when you are ought to be in contact with a lot of items in public areas. Use them for wiping down toilet seats, handles, public phones etc.
  • Wet Tissues for Adults: These user friendly, adults wipes are specially formulated to help keep skin clean, healthy and free from blemishes and spots. They are convenient enough to carry with you and use anywhere on the go.
  • Wet Wipes for Oily Face & Skin: You can easily cleanse your face the easy way with these oil absorbing face wipes. Busy people who struggle with oily skin love these wipes.

With this e-store, we make it easier for our customers to easily choose and buy wet wipes online here. We hope to make the whole experience of wet wipes online shopping in India modish than ever before.


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